About Witkowski Company

Witkowski company is a family enterprise established in 1981 by the current President of the Board Leszek Witkowski. For over 20 years we have been involved in fire protection of utility buildings - as a manufacturer and supplier of passive firewalls. As the long-term Chairman of the Passive Committee of the "National Association of Manufacturers of Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Equipment", Leszek Witkowski actively seeks to amend the regulations related to fire safety in buildings. He was awarded the Cross of Merit for his activities.

Siedziba firmy Witkowski

For several years, the company has been managed by Witkowski's son - Piotr, who consistently runs the company based on the foundation of fire safety barriers. His commitment and social ethics have been recognised by being awarded the Silver Medal for Merit for Fire Fighting. The constant focus on developing and implementing innovative products has made our company specialise in FIRE PROTECTION GLASS SYSTEMS, focusing on interior design and technical glass partitions.

Using the European Union funds granted in 2014, we have implemented an original process management program, thanks to which our Company operates at the highest European level. Using many years of experience, we introduce innovative products in fire protection systems to the market. At the same time, we are constantly striving to improve standards byrestructuring the machinery fleet.


The success of the company is mainly due to the staff. It is the company's most significant value and determines its business position. Investing in staff is the best investment, which translates directly into competitiveness. Recently, the innovations we have carried out have raised the standard of our products. The company employs professionals who combine knowledge in many fields, including development, computer science, technology and marketing. Their competence, ability to act and efficiency influence the success and dynamic development of the company.

Social Responsibility

Witkowski Sp z o.o. is a company that is socially committed and open to others. We do not remain indifferent towards the most needy and try to support social initiatives, not only charitable ones. Many organisations and institutions have received help from the Witkowski Company in the past year. We want to be close to people through our products, ensuring the safety of use in many facilities and pro-social activities.